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December 7, 2012 in Personal

Some say I took the plunge, the big leap, the jump. In my words I say,  I took flight. Over the years I have felt like a little baby bird learning to fly and finally had enough courage to spread my wings and fly. Let me tell you….now being a full time photographer is one of the best things in my life, beside marrying my husband :)  I have had a passion for art and photography way before now just never really knew what I wanted to do. Until about 5 years ago I hadn’t really thought about it. I was a happy newly wed working at a title company from 8-5, 40 hours a week. Sitting inside at a desk…well… is not my cup of tea. Before then I worked on a horse ranch for four years, mucking stalls, cleaning tack, feeding, and riding horses (I look back….and that was the life being outside rain, snow, or shine). Times change…so back to working 8-5…Ryan’s dad had bought a camera for their company to take photos of their products. He brought it home one day. I played around snapping photos here and there mainly of our cats. I didn’t know what I was doing (shooting on green mode of course) but I really enjoyed it. When I was younger I was always taking photos, making my friends model with my horses, making my horses model and snapping away. Well that little girl emerged again. One night we were outside messing with the sprinkler system and saw a huge moth flying around (I have a love for insects too….I will go into that another time). I quickly ran inside grabbed the camera and ran outside shooting this mammoth moth. It was like a dance, he would fly to the left I would go to the right, he would fly down I went up, snapping away (yes, in green mode..remember I don’t know how to use it). It flew away within a couple of minutes. I went inside to look at what I got. I was surprised I captured it in mid flight in pure darkness. That night changed me forever. I wanted to know how to use this black box the right way…not just guessing and hoping I got the shot. Make a long story short because I could go on for hours. I bought books, learned from Ryan’s GrandDad that is a photographer (he has helped me a lot), went a workshop by Ashley Ann Campbell, and learned by a lot of trial and error.

Point of my story is…..five and a half years later my dream of being a photographer has come to life. This is my third year photographing weddings and yes I still take photos of insects whenever I can. If you want to know how I made this dream a reality..this is how…

“Dream and one day it will become your destiny” – Brittney Ashton Davis

This photo was taken this past July in Destin, FL. Ryan and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary!

This friendship/love post will go to show you how certain people meet for a purpose. I want to first say Jennifer and I met wayyyyy back in the day ;) I was working on a horse ranch and would always go to Smoothie King to get my lunch. This is where we met. Jennifer was always so sweet and would ask me how my day was, she is truly a genuine person. One day I think we were talking about jobs and I think I mentioned I needed a second job. (this sounds crazy but I secretly always wanted to work at Smoothie King, haha) She said, “Well we are hiring would you like a job here?” Well of course I accepted and started my second job at Smoothie King. I loved working for and with Jennifer. Again, THE sweetest and nicest person I have ever met. Make a long story short….we worked together for about a year or so and our boss decided he was going to sell the company to another person. Smoothie King at 83rd and Lewis shut its doors. That was a sad day and also this was way before Facebook days and my photography. So fast forward five years or so to Facebook and my photography days. We found each other on Facebook a couple years ago and we were re-connected. She had a little girl (the cutest little girl), she was about four when Jen asked me to do some mother-daughter photos. Of course I was honored, we definitely had a lot of fun.

Now onto the good part. About a year ago (if I’m remembering right) Jen met a guy. Now how they met is awesome, I love a good love story. Jen was on, she had gone on a couple dates and wasn’t pleased with what she was finding. The day she went to delete her account she had a message from a guy name Tony. She didn’t really think anything of it and thought it was “just another one of those guys”. She told him to message her on Facebook and they could chat there since she was deleting her account. Well lets just say Tony definitely messaged her in the knick of time. They went on a couple dates and it was LOVE at first sight. Fast forward 4-5 months later and BAM…..she said “YES”!!!! Well, you can guess the next part. She called me up and said “Hey! You are shooting our wedding!” I was thrilled beyond excitement! This goes to show you people meet for a purpose. People are brought into our lives because they are supposed to be there. Back in the day I was meant to meet Jen to become friends, then later in life photograph her and her beautiful little girl, then it was destined Tony and Jen meet to start their love story together, and I was meant to capture it. =) Its friendships and love stories like this, that gives me a purpose to do what I do. Nothing thrills me more to meet such gracious and genuine people and be able to be a apart of something so special.

Now go on and look at the fire in this couples eyes and try and tell me that is not love! Tony and Jennifer were meant to be together and love each other so much! I had so much fun at their engagement session! My abs were hurting the next day from laughing so much with them. Tony is a firefighter so we were able to go to his station for the 1st part of the session, that was a lot of fun!  Then we went to a wooded park where I captured some amazing shots. They even let me wrap them in Christmas lights at the end! Please take note…this couple is HOT HOT HOT! Jen is just gorgeous and Tony is handsome…especially with his awesome stache! Ryan and I are so honored to be shooting their wedding in two weeks! Enjoy!