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My best friend’s wedding…sounds like a movie title to me, hehe. My best friend of 23 years married her soul mate last March (yes, I know it only took me almost a year to blog it, I’m workin on that….new years resolution). Ryan and I traveled down to “da boot” (Louisiana) to capture it all. We got there a few days before the wedding to help with all details and setting up. We made the candy bar all ourselves, she purchased her flower’s from Sam’s Club (which were gorgeous), poofed white tissue paper balls for the tent, her family made the food (cajun inspired), the guys set up the big white tent, and her friends mom made her cakes. Amanda is such a DIY kind of girl, and she blew me away with all her creative ideas. She has never ceased to amaze me. That is probably why we are best friends. Well first I was her maid of honor, so I did not photograph the getting ready photos, the ceremony, and the bridal party pics so we left that up to Ryan but I did the details, her and her husband’s photos, and her bridals of course. It was just a little task for him….hehe. He is my second shooter and always does an outstanding job. So giving him the lead did not worry me a bit. He did an amazing job! I’m so happy that he agreed to do it….because the minute Amanda walked down the aisle, I about lost it. I was so overwhelmed with joy for her and remembering back when we were little girls saying we were going to be in each others weddings, hit me (and now its hitting me again…I’m trying not to cry, haha). Meeting when were just 5 years old we became best friends and inseparable. Her father received a job transfer to Louisiana and she had to move when we were just 10. I don’t think I was ever that heartbroken. My sister was moving. We called and visited each other and always somehow made a way to see each other or talk on the phone all these years. Now here we are almost 28 years old, married and she has the cutest little boy. We will always be the bestest of friends. SO back to the wedding. It was beautiful! After the ceremony Adrian her husband came up to me and said, “you about lost it didn’t you?”  I said, “how could you tell?” (sarcastically) “Because your eyes were full of tears, hahahah”!  I just laughed. My best friend is getting married and I couldn’t be happier! So needless to say I couldn’t have been more honored to be a part of their day and even more excited that Ryan and I captured it. Adrian is the sweetest guy and I’m so happy they found each other. They are the prefect match. The photos I’m sharing are from the rehearsal dinner and the day of…..get ready there is a lot =) Also, this is how we are true best friends. Her and I wore the same dress on our wedding days =) It was so funny when she texted me and said, “I found my dress, its everything I wanted, its perfect!” I laughed and said, “Well duh, thats the dress I wore when I got married!” Yep, great minds think alike. I love that girl so much.


This might be a first…..bride cleaning the kitchen in her wedding dress. Priceless.


Morning after…


23 years later =)

March 4, 2012 in Family

I LOVE this family and not just because Danielle is my co-worker.  First I have not met many husbands (Brandon you are awesome) that allow their wife to take their couch outside on a photo-shoot in the middle of pasture full of cattle and then load it up on a trailer and pick the perfect spot on the side of highway overlooking a gorgeous valley. This was far most my most adventurous shoot and I loved it. Danielle and Brandon are just perfect for each other and with their cute little boy it makes it even better. They are some of the sweetest people I know and I am so honored to call them my friends. I do alot of crazy things sometimes to get kids to smile and laugh; but I have to say wearing blue bunny ears, jumping up and down-making monkey sounds on the side of highway (while cars are driving by) still has me laughing. I know I come off as a bit shy or quiet sometimes but when it comes to getting that perfect shot I’ll do about anything, hehe. This is a bittersweet post. I will be limiting my family shoots so I can concentrate more on wedding photography this year. I will take inquires but they will be limited. As for next year that could totally change. I am making goals and meeting them so there could be some awesome changes coming in the next couple of years. Just taking one shoot/wedding at a time. It is sometimes surreal to be starting a career that I get so excited about that I can’t sleep at night. So check out this awesome family and you will know why I love the art of photography. Enjoy!