Since I’m obsessed with bridals (obsessed isn’t even close)…expect to see more bridals on the blog. I’m going to start off with some of my favorites from Rebecca’s beautiful bridal session that was done last February. Wow, I can’t believe its been almost a year and they will be celebrating their wedding March 16th! I have really enjoyed getting to know this beautiful girl and her family. We had so much fun at her session. I love it when brides trust me on some things; like posing and adding in the occasional fur. A week after the session I met Rebecca and her parents to view the photos from her bridal session. This will be a memory (a good one for sure) that will forever be embedded in my brain. So we were going through her photos oooing and awing….then all of sudden her Dad shouts out, “Oh that one…that one!” (his hand flies up with excitement…a cup of water flies towards my computer – I grab it…all is good). I could not stop giggling and smiling. It was seriously the sweetest thing. He was so excited about this photo of his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress (the one of her on the stairs – I also have the same photo of me at my parents house; great parents think alike). He apologized for  spilling the water…I said “I don’t care about the water, I’m more excited about how excited you are about her photos!” It was awesome to see someone so excited! I seriously love her parents, her and Joe, and their wedding! So enough rambling…here are some of my favs!

Location: Tulsa Rose Garden

Bouquet: Divine Designs by Mandy (love her)