December 31, 2013 in Couples, Tulsa, Wedding

These two…..have SO much love for one another. I certainly enjoyed getting to know this couple and capturing their love. I do want to say how much of a inspiration Kim is to me (now I will try and write this and not cry…I have really turned into a sappy person). Right after they were married in May, Alonzo left the country for deployment the next day. I was not aware of this until the day of the wedding and over heard someone talking about. There, while everyone is dancing I almost cried. How can a couple that just got married be separated so early? I have watched and read through facebook and instagram (if your one of my clients…we become friends…more like family – I love each one of them) her journey while Alonzo completes his year in the Army. I have never met such a sweet, strong and positive person! I know she has had her moments, we all do – but she is one solid women.  Her upbeat mood has changed some of my bad days into good. I am so grateful that we met and she booked me to be her wedding photographer. It was honor to shoot their engagements and wedding! I pray for many many blessings on their marriage and for Alonzo to be safe while he is away serving our country! I love you both! xoxo

(P.S. I didn’t get a photo with you girl….we will have to meet up so I can, hehe)

Venue: Harweldon Mansion

DJ: Randy with Edge Sight & Sound


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