I have been procrastinating this blog post because I just don’t know where to start. This blog post will be a Part One and Two, because you will read why. Lets start out by going back to July 2012, I was participating in the Weddings of Tulsa Bridal Show as a vendor. It came time for them to do the cake dive in the main auditorium of the Mabee Center but first they had a little announcement. This tall dark headed guy came up on stage and asked for his girlfriend to come out from the back…she is just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Keep in mind they were working the wedding show and I do not know them. Well, yep you guessed it (if you were guessing whats going to happen next)…..he popped the question in front of the whole audience. It was the sweetest thing……ever….I was crying like a baby hoping no one could see me. Of course she said yes! I’m thinking in my mind….how cool it would be if they chose me to shoot their wedding! Well a month went by (I was still hoping and praying they would email me or something)….thats when the Weddings of Tulsa showroom opened. I had and still have my photography booth set up in their showroom. Well one night in August, Ryan and I  were at home eating dinner and my phone lights up (yes…its glued to my hand almost all the time) – it was an email from Weddings of Tulsa telling me that I had a booking request. I open the email (because I had to know who it was) – I seriously jumped for joy! Brandon and Kristen wanted to book me for their wedding! I think I almost cried too…

So the process started of talking about engagements. Thats when it hit…..(Brandon does videography and some photography). Well, if you are a photographer and your like me…and another photographer wants you to shoot them, I freak. I get so nervous and I don’t know why. I just think…oh they are going to judge me, what if I forget everything I have learned, what if they don’t like their pictures! Well luckily…..long story short…they LOVED their engagement pictures. We had a great time that evening!

Fast forward to April 12, 2013. Their WEDDING DAY! They got hitched at Tarp Chapel in Broken Arrow, OK. It was such a beautiful day. Brandon and Kristen decided they wanted to do a first look before the ceremony to get some of the pre-wedding jitters out of the way and have some more time for photos! Here is Part One – Engagements and Wedding Photos up to the ceremony. Just wait for Part Two….it gets good!

Venue: Tarp Chapel

Hair/Make-up: Faccia Bella

Wedding Cake: Bride’s Mother

Grooms Cake/Dessert: Groom’s Mother

Videography: Redeemed Productions (who Brandon and Kristen work for)

DJ: Roman Media


[Wedding-Part One]