Well, get ready. This will be a long blog post. You might as well go grab you a drink and a snack. hehe  Keep in mind I am not a writer. I suck at writing stories and I jump all over the place. These two…..where do I begin. First Jeremy has been one my husband’s best friends since high school. He was also a groomsmen in our own wedding, which was really cool. When we found out Jeremy proposed to Cortney, we were so excited! I was just hoping they would ask us to shoot their wedding…a couple months later, they did. While I was getting to know Cortney (she is the sweetest girl you will ever meet) and talking about the wedding I was just getting more and more excited. They told me the wedding will take place at their house (pure awesomeness) in their backyard that Jeremy designed and constructed himself. Basically think of stepping into a small villa in Colorado. Yes, its that cool. Then I asked them what day they are getting married…..January 26th. That my friends is my birthday. So needless to say I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present. Doing what I love, with people I love…on my birthday (you will even see a pic of me dancing because Cortney told the DJ it was my bday…and they sang…it was awesome). Jeremy and Cortney are just meant to be. Cortney has two little boys that are the cutest. Once Jeremy and Cortney were announced Mr. and Mrs. her oldest boy asked his Grandma if he could now call Jeremy Dad. Hearing that come from a little boy made my heart melt. Jeremy is such a great father to both their boys….and soon to be to a third coming in January! This story just keeps getting better doesn’t it? I’m really hoping they have their baby on my bday, hah. Ok enough of my rambling. Enjoy their pictures! Jeremy and Cortney…we love you and couldn’t be happier for you guys!


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