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I entered 6 photos in the Professional Photography Contest in last years Tulsa State Fair. This was my first contest I entered at the fair since 2002. In high school I was in FFA; I would always enter the pumpkin decorating contest (placed 1st twice), the cactus contest (I had a very ugly hairy cactus that always placed 1st), the photography contest (that was when I entered photos from the disposable cameras, oh boy), and I always showed my horse Spot . I was so excited when I learned from my friend that there was a Professional Photography Contest, I could now relive my FFA days in a new way! =) I received [2] 1st places and [1] 2nd place. I was ecstatic when I found out I placed! Below is the photos of the photos, that I entered. Along with what we enjoyed at the fair. The fair is always an entertaining experience with all the people, rides, and mainly the food. The things they come up with are pretty funny. I really do not eat a lot of fair food, mostly because I do not care for it. But I always have to eat dip n’ dots (the largest cup they have), pineapple whip, and crab cakes (if I can find them)! Enjoy!


A little over 2 months and this adorable couple will be hitched and of course we cannot wait until their big day! Andrew and Whitney are so perfect together. I love meeting new couples and hearing their stories, it blows my mind how fate works. Everyone couple has a different story and that is what makes them unique. Andrew and Whitney met at a concert at Cain’s Ballroom and well the rest is history. Whitney is a knockout and Andrew is a handsome guy. Here are some photos from their engagement shoot. Enjoy!